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Thornbury Community Church
Thornbury Community Church
Christian Church, Melbourne
Christian Church, Melbourne
Thornbury Community Church

The same way Jesus welcomed all, the Father’s love is welcoming you to His Kingdom.


Prayer is a means to communicate our spirit with the Spirit of God. We trust that the message will encourage and strengthen you in your faith  to believe God for whatever blessing or breakthrough you need.


God wants you blessed whoever you are, in whatever situation you currently are in. By His one perfect sacrifice,  He has paid the price for all our sins – past, present and future.


Continue to receive revelations of God’s love for you.  Our prayer is that you grow in your knowledge of Jesus Christ as the Son of God. Find rest in His finished work for you, as you feed on His Word.

Thornbury Community Church


TCC is always available to the community and we invite you to attend one of our services:




10:00 Greek 

11:45  English




5:30 Greek Bible study

7:00  English Bible study